King Solomon
King Solomon 

Summary Lesson

Summary Lesson, Amos, a lowly shepherd, prophesized to the Nation of Israel in about 760 BC.  He was from the Southern Kingdom and lived in a Tekoa until traveling to Israel in response to his call by God.  At the time of Amos’ ministry, Israel was a nation experiencing national prosperity and wealth. Yet, instead of worshiping the God of Israel who had delivered them out of Egyptian bondage with a mighty hand and safely into the Promised Land, they chose to worship the idle gods of Samaria.  God was not pleased with Israel’s sinfulness, and in his own time rendered judgement and punishment on his wayward people.  Amos’ calling was to deliver God’s message of doom and gloom, impending judgement, to His people.  Although God would not forget the sins of Israel this time and would chastise them by allowing the Assyrians to take them into captivity, the story doesn’t end there.  God also gives Amos a message of hope for members of the Northern Kingdom who really loved Him and was able to remain faithful despite the chaos that existed because of Israel’s sinful ways.  According to Amos, The message of hope is that the day was coming when the kingdom of David would be re-established and God’s people would dwell in safety. 



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