King Solomon
King Solomon 

God’s Covenant with the Returned Exiles

9:32-38, 10:28-29



  1. God’s Covenant with Abram

  2. God’s Covenant with Israel

  3. King Saul

  4. God’s Covenant with King David

  5. God’s Covenant with King Solomon

  6. A Divided Kingdom

  7. Israel’s’ (Fall in 722 BC to the Assyrians)

  8. Judah’s (Fall in 586 BC to the Babylonians)

  9. During the period of kings, the Children of Israel engaged in all types of sin and disobedience to the Word of God.

  10. God sent Prophets over and over again to warn the people. Ultimately a righteous God allowed His people to fall to their enemies.

  11. Kings of the Northern Kingdom (Israel)

  12. Kings of the Southern Kingdom (Judah)

  13. Israel Taken into Assyrian Captivity in 722 BC

  14. Judah taken into Babylonian Captivity in 538 BC

  15. In 539 BC Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon.

    The Jews remained exiled in Assyria for about 70 years just as it had been prophesized by the prophets.


    Eventually Cyrus the Great decreed that the Jewish people could return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple.  Any Jews who wanted to go back to Jerusalem was allowed to do so with the King’s permission.  The King supplied building materials and armed security and the temple.   


    The Return unfolded in three phases.  See your handout.

    Phase one was led by Zerubbabel, phase 2 led by Ezra, and Nehemiah the Motivator led the last phase to return to Jerusalem. 


    EZRA’s Prayer 9-15


    Nehemiah’s Prayer Nehemiah: 2:4


    God we honor you today.  We know that you are the maker and creator of the universe and you hold all power and everything in the palm of your hand.  We know that your can do all thing but fail.  You speak, and the winds have to obey.  We love you and we ask that you would please sir forgive us of our sins.  Create within us a clean heart and renew the right spirit.  Help us to be all that you have created us to be and we will always be mindful to give you the praise. This is your servant’s prayer.


    Prayer is the key that unlocks the door.


    The Sunday Teacher

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