King Solomon
King Solomon 

He is not dead. He has risen as

He said.


He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity. The Chastise-ments of our Peace was upon Him and by His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5)


  1. The season leading to Resurrection Sunday begins with 40 days of Lent which parallels the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert tempted by Satan.Jesus emerged victorious over Satan and sin and began his earthly ministry in Jerusalem of preaching, teaching, and healing. For modern Christian man the Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday, about 40 days before Resurrection Sunday, with ashes placed on the foreheads of to remind them of their mortality and their eventual return to dust. God created man from the dust of the earth and to dust man will eventually return.

  2. The ending of the forty days of lent which are used to reflect, repent and ask seek forgiveness for sins precedes the week of the Passion of Christ.The Passion Week traditionally begins on Palm Sunday with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:5).

  3. On Palm Sunday, Jesus Christ entered the city of Jerusalem triumphant, to the sounds of crowds of many people in Jerusalem.Crowds of people were gathering in Jerusalem to participate in the annual Passover celebration.Large groups of people welcome Jesus by saying, “Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest.” (Mt. 21:1-11; cf. Mk. 11:1-11; Lk. 19:29-44; Jn. 12:12-19)  The people in the crowds laid their garments on the back of a young donkey and palm leaves at the foot the Jesus.  As Jesus rode into the city for the Passover Celebration, he received the welcome of a king and the highest praise.   This event is often called Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

  4. Jesus sent two of his followers ahead to locate a place for them to celebrate the Passover meal.This would be Jesus’ last Passover meal and they were to prepare the place for Jesus and his 12 disciples to eat and fellowship.The place of the last supper was an Upper Room of a house that had been prepared at Jesus’ request.

  5. Two of Jesus Disciples, (Peter and John Matthew 26:1), were sent to find a man carrying a large picture of water.They were to follow the man home.When the man arrived home they were to ask the master of the home for the location of the guest house and say to him the teacher (Jesus) need to use the guest house.This was the palce that Jesus used to celebrate his last Passover meal with the twelve.

  6. The Disciples prepared the place for the celebration as required and Jesus and the twelve to celebrated the Passover meal.

  7. During the Passover celebration a number of significant events took place. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, Jesus revealed that one of his disciples would betray him to the Roman authority, Jesus instituted the 1st Lord’s Supper, Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment to love one another and Jesus advised his Disciples that he would be falsely arrested, illegally tried, and ultimately crucified on a cross but on the third day he would rise again.

  8. Jesus took a jug of water and several large basins, girted himself with a towel about his waist to wash the feet of his disciples.As he poured water into the basin he humbled himself before his disciples and began to wash their feet as a servant would wash the feet of the guest as they entered a house after a long walk on the dusty desert road.

  9. When it was Peter’s turn to get his feet washed, he protested and refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet.Peter thought was that Jesus was his master, teacher, and Son of the God of Abraham.He felt that he and the other disciples should be washing Jesus’ feet instead of Jesus washing their feet. When Jesus explained the meaning of his washing the feet of his disciples, Peter wanted him to wash not only his feet but to wash his entire body.Jesus said, if I wash your feet you should therefore be willing to wash one another’s feet.

  10. All of the men gathered around the table to eat the traditional Passover meal.As Jesus dipped his bread into the dish with Judas he informed his disciples that one whom he dipped his bread with Him would betray him.Jesus then told Judas, “do what you are about to do quickly”, and Judas left the upper room to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

  11. After Judas left, Jesus continued his discussions with the other 11 disciple about final things before his time of arrest had come.He knew his time on earth with them was drawing near to an end; when he would be falsely arrested, suffer at the hands of the Roman authority, crucified and rise again. Undoubtedly, Jesus wanted to be sure to share with his followers as many final details as possible before his final hour so they would be prepared to live life on earth as good stewards of the Good News without Jesus’ daily physical presence to guide them.

  12. During the Passover meal, Jesus instituted that the 1st Lords Supper.In the past the Jews celebrated the Passover meal to commemorate what God had done for the children of Israel to free them from 400 years of Egyptian bondage.Now Jesus was telling his Disciples that every time they ate the bread and eal and drink the wine they should do so in remembrance of his broken body and shed blood that was that was shed for them for the remission of sin.

  13. They were to remember the sacrifice, Jesus Christ had made for them and all people of the world for all generations. The Passover meal is now the Lord’s Supper that Christians celebrate regularly, all over the world at least once a month in remembrance of the price Jesus paid for the remission of sin.

  14. Jesus also gave has disciples a new commandment to follow.He said that they should love one another as he has loved them.There is no greater love than the love of one who lays down his life for his brother.

Sylvia Collins-Sunday Teacher

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