King Solomon
King Solomon 

God Loves Us

The most important thing in the world is to know that you are loved by the Creator of the universe. All the riches and wealth of this world cannot buy this love. No one is beautiful enough to attract this love. It is given solely because of God’s free will. The question then becomes, how do we know that God loves us? It is easy for us to measure human love. We see how much someone loves us here on earth by the things they do for us. Children know their parents love them by the countless hours they spend training and rearing them. Husbands and wives know whether their spouse loves them by spending quality time together and sacrificing for each other. So how do we know and understand God’s love for us when He is invisible? One of the ways that we know God loves us is the beautiful world He has provided for us. He has given us the sun’s dazzling light and the verdant fields and meadows. The spectacular heights of the Himalayas and the crystal blue tropical waters of the Caribbean are gifts from our Creator. Not to mention all of the delicious foods we eat— we get to experience different flavors from mango to barbecue chicken. There is so much God has given us on this earth to explore and enjoy. Just the experience of life is cause to acknowledge that our Creator loves us. Still, we also have another way to know that God loves us. We can see that God loves us through reading the pages of His love letter, the Bible. There we see a God who walks faithfully with His people even when they do not walk faithfully with Him. Time after time Israel broke their covenant with God and worshiped idols but that did not break God’s covenant love for them. God displayed an unfailing covenant love with Israel and no matter how many times they turned their back on Him, He would not turn His back on them. Not only that, but God promised them a new covenant. This covenant would wipe away all of their sins and enable Him to write His laws on their hearts. He would give them a new heart and a new spirit. Every covenant is enacted with blood; this covenant would be no different. The only difference is that the blood that enacted this covenant would be His own. He gave His very life to secure a relationship with us. Jesus on the Cross is the sure sign of God’s love for us. Every nail and every thorn paid the price for our sins. Every lash of the whip and every bruise was for us. When we believe in this love, then God sends His Spirit into our hearts and confirms it to be true. God does love us. There is no question of His love when we look at the Cross. It is the ultimate testament of love. The gift of creation, the pages of the Bible, Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, and the Spirit living inside of us answer the question of whether God loves us. This is easy to know mentally, but for many it is difficult to experience. Nothing can 

separate us from this love. All of these things are pledges and tokens of God’s immeasurable and unfathomable love for us. It is there for us to experience; all we have to do is rest in knowing the truth of who God is and the power of His love.


Ogbonnaya, Dr. A. Okechukwu. Precepts For Living 2017-2018 Commentary.



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